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Fertility Road Magazine 46 - September/October 2018

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The latest issue of Fertility Road Magzine brings you our latest Fertility Journeys update, a closer look at stress and infertility, natural approaches to endometriosis and a how your weight can affect your chances of getting pregnant plus lots, lots more.

FERTILITY 360 56 |

FERTILITY 360 56 | | fertilityroadmag | follow us @fertilityroad

FERTILITY 360 EXPERT: Russell Davis It’s Me or Baby Infertility can put a strain on the best of relationships. It is never something a couple expects to go through or can imagine how it will be when they start out. You can quickly go from deciding it's time to start trying for a baby to it impacting every area of your life, talking to clinics about treatments you never dreamed you would need and wonder how you got to this place. Over time, ‘Project Baby’ can become allconsuming. It can infiltrate all aspects of life. From lovemaking, the food you eat, whether or how much alcohol you drink, what social events you do or don’t go to and even the size of your friendship circle as more and more friends have children. As time goes by, the intensity can increase as the fear of time running out gets grows. Having a baby is supposed to come from a place of deep love and connection but can often become the source of a wedge between a couple. It can go from something that you expect would give such great joy to be the kill-joy. | fertilityroadmag | follow us @fertilityroad | 57

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Fertility Road Magazine 46 - September/October 2018

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