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Fertility Road Magazine 46 - September/October 2018

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The latest issue of Fertility Road Magzine brings you our latest Fertility Journeys update, a closer look at stress and infertility, natural approaches to endometriosis and a how your weight can affect your chances of getting pregnant plus lots, lots more.

FERTILITY 360 Taking

FERTILITY 360 Taking Time Out ALPHAZITA True Holistic Fertility Care and Fertility Retreats 52 | | fertilityroadmag | follow us @fertilityroad

FERTILITY 360 By adopting this holistic approach, couples can lay down the foundations, not just for conception but for healthy uncomplicated pregnancies A new series of articles looking at initiatives; innovation and development in international fertility begins with an exploration of AlphaZita, a new concept which uses a multidisciplinary approach to stimulate positive fertility health. Fertility Road’s Editor, Andrew Coutts went to hear a little more from the AlphaZita team. ‘Wellness Tourism’ involves people who travel to follow activities that maintain or enhance their physical, Psychological and Physiological wellbeing. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the total expenditure from both international inbound and domestic tourists defined as ‘wellness tourists’ is expected to grow to 8 billion by 2020. They estimate that nearly 700 million trips that incorporated some aspect of wellness were made in the last year. International wellness is becoming big business. ALPHAZITA takes an innovative approach to wellness tourism and combines it with more traditional types of medical support which is provided by experts representing different countries and different specialisms. A team of acclaimed and experienced Doctors, Acupuncturists, Fertility Massage Therapists, Nutritionists and Fertility coaches have been brought together with the aim of promoting natural fertility and optimizing physically, emotionally and spiritually patients’ status during their fertility journey. The philosophy of AlphaZita is summed up by its founder, Dr Elias Tsakos, fertility specialist and Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, “patients are treated individually by a team of Specialists in a unique and true holistic manner. Our aim is to educate, support, encourage and empower our patients in their fertility journey” | fertilityroadmag | follow us @fertilityroad | 53

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Fertility Road Magazine 46 - September/October 2018

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