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Fertility Road Issue 14

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F E R T I L I T Y R O A D N E W S , V I E W S & R E V I E W S INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF QUINOA YOU PROBABLY KNOW THAT EATING A NUTRITIOUS diet and living a healthy lifestyle is a great way to up your odds of conceiving. One of these fertility friendly foods is quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) which has been singled out as having high nutritive values and also a great source of protein. It has a light, fluffy texture when cooked, and its mild, slightly nutty flavour makes for a great alternative to white rice or couscous. Once considered a junk crop by the Spanish conquistadors, quinoa now comes with an air of gourmet, once available only in health-food stores and high-end groceries, this superfood has now found its place on the supermarket shelves. So popular is this grain, that the UN has now declared 2013 to be the ‘International Year of Quinoa’ and is hoping quinoa can play an important role in eradicating hunger, malnutrition and poverty. For more info please visit Official figures show that in the past decade, a total of 4,899 children have been born following fertility treatment either to single women or lesbian couples. Which amounts to more than three births every day. THE NUMBER OF CHILDREN BORN WITHOUT A FATHER IN THE UK THROUGH FERTILITY TREATMENT BOOK REVIEW DELIVERING HOPE The Extraordinary Journey of a Surrogate Mom by Pamela MacPhee TEN YEARS AGO, PAMELA MACPHEE OFFERED TO BECOME her very own human biology experiment by carrying a baby for her cousin’s wife, who was devastated by infertility from cervical cancer. She went on to successfully deliver Hope, a healthy baby girl in May of 2000. Delivering Hope tells the story with all its highs and lows, stresses and happiness of a surrogate Mum. Previously published in 2009 it is now available on kindle and is a must-read for all those considering surrogacy, not only to better prepare them for the journey ahead, but to gain an insight into what offering the gift of a life can mean to couples who are unable to conceive. Available on Kindle from MEN’S BODY ODOUR IS A TURN-ON FOR WOMEN RESEARCHERS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF California, Berkeley, have discovered that a compound found in male sweat can cause a number of emotional and physiological changes in women. The male chemical androstadienone in sweat was found to regulate menstrual cycles and increase the release of luteinizing hormone, which plays an important role in stimulating ovulation. The male underarm odour also activates certain brain areas, improving woman’s mood and sexual arousal. 08 | WWW.FERTILITYROAD.COM | APRIL - MAY 2013

Follow us @FertilityRoad to help you on your path to parenthood and for all the latest fertility related news, views and reviews :) #hope #inspiration #ttc #IVF FOLLOW US AT: TWITTER.COM/FERTILITYROAD THE NEW UPDATED PREGNANCY COMPANION® APP FROM OB/GYN PHYSICIANS CONNECTS PREGNANT WOMEN TO INFORMATION THEY CAN TRUST – ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Eager parents-to-be are constantly seeking information, and most questions pop up outside of the doctor’s office. Pregnancy advice and exaggerated stories can come from friends, websites books and movies. The Pregnancy Companion App was conceived by two nationally-renowned OB/GYN physicians – Dr. Jan Rydfors and Dr. Aron Schuftan. Seeing pregnant patients searching for information online and on their phones, they realized that there THE was a need for an app that provided reliable, physician-authored pregnancy information. The Pregnancy Companion app includes a wealth of DA VINCI informative content and fun features for mums-to-be and their partners. Once an expecting mum enters her due date, the app CODE provides her with daily OF and weekly status updates for her baby and body. Most of these updates offer stunning 3D-animated videos and ultrasound images showing baby’s development. FERTILITY Other features help users check drug safety, stay hydrated, remember THE ‘GOLDEN appointments, RATIO’ OF 1.618, and WHICH even pack WAS their POPULARISED hospital bag. BY When Dan Brown’s a user novel, has The a question, Da Vince Code, she can could consult reveal which hundreds women of have pregnancy the most topics, fertile or wombs, take advantage according of to an a exclusive gynaecologist. Pregnancy Companion Dr Jasper feature Verguts, – “Ask from the the Docs” University – which Hospital enables Leuven users to in Belgium, submit questions theorised to that Drs. women Schuftan would and be most Rydfors. fertile Answers if they had are a posted uterus to of the perfect user community proportions frequently. – a womb where the ratio of length Pregnancy to width Companion is 1.618. He founded that by the physician ratio is partners around 2 Dr. at Jan the time Rydfors of birth and but Dr. decreases Aron Schuftan as women – age board-certified to 1.46. Verguts OB/GYN also found specialists the age who when both women have clinical are most faculty fertile positions between at the Stanford ages of 16 University to 20 - the Medical ratio was Center, 1. and a private practice in Silicon Valley, CA. 1.618, Dr. Rydfors the golden co-wrote ratio the of the popular Fibonacci Obstetrics, sequence, Gynaecology named after and Italian Infertility mathematician Handbook for Leonardo Clinicians, Fibonacci, now in is its said sixth to edition. be the key Dr. to Schuftan everything has - a from special encrypting interest in computer using technology data, to the to numbers educate of and spirals empower on a patients. sunflower Their head shared and mission there has is been to help speculation pregnant that women Da Vinci access used reliable the sequence information as the on proportions the go, and of enjoy the Mona their Lisa’s pregnancy face. experience Many claim to the that fullest. the most aesthetically pleasing people have faces that fit these ratios. Get expert fertility information and support online with Boots WebMD Let us support you in taking the first step. Visit Visit and and search search ‘fertility’. ‘fertility’. feel good feel good

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