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Fertility Road Issue 14

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F E R T I L I T Y R O A D N E W S , V I E W S & R E V I E W S CELEBRITY EGG FREEZING TREND THERE’S BEEN A LOT OF GOSSIP RECENTLY ABOUT CELEBS freezing their eggs, the latest is Ghost Whisperer star, Jennifer Love Hewitt who according to US Weekly, the star is looking at preserving her fertility at the young age of 34. JLH however has since laughed off the story on Twitter by saying ”I’m insuring my boobs! I’m freezing my eggs! Nope I’m just shooting the new season of The Client List ! Now that isn’t made up.” Made-up story or not, it’s not a bad idea for a busy Hollywood actress in her mid 30’s to look into freezing her eggs, particularly when money is not an issue. Freezing your eggs is no guarantee that you will able to start a family at a later date, but it does offer some insurance. And because age affects fertility, the earlier you look into freezing your eggs, the more chance you have of success. Friends star Jennifer Aniston and Maria Menounous, actress and co-host of Extra, have also been rumoured to have frozen their eggs or looked into the procedure. © ABC Studios/Bob D’Amico FOOT SIZE OFTEN GROWS DURING PREGNANCY ACCORDING TO A NEW RECENT STUDY PREGNANCY can permanently change the size and shape of women’s feet, making them up to one shoe size larger and causing the arches to drop. Researchers at University of Iowa measured the feet of 49 women during their first trimester of pregnancy and again five months after their babies were born. Roughly 60-70 % of the women’s feet grew in length and in width, primarily due to a decrease in the height of the arch of the foot, admitting that the loss of arch height appeared to be permanent and non reversible. STUDIES SUGGEST THAT SPERM ARE HEALTHIER IN WINTER & EARLY SPRING IF YOU’RE TRYING FOR A BABY, a new study suggests that it’s best to try in winter and early spring, when men have healthier sperm. Israeli scientists studied samples from more than 6,000 men who were being treated for infertility between January 2006 and July 2009. Researchers found sperm in greater numbers, with faster swimming speeds, and fewer abnormalities, in semen made during the winter. The sperm declined steadily in quality from spring onwards, In animal studies, seasonal changes in sperm production and fertility have been linked to factors ranging from temperature, to length of daylight exposure and hormone variations, previous research found that global human sperm counts are falling, with theories ranging from a more sedentary lifestyle to the chemicals in the environment affecting sperm health. Writing in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, the researchers said that if there is a seasonal pattern, that knowledge may ‘be of paramount importance, especially in couples with male-related infertility struggling with unsuccessful and prolonged fertility treatments.’ 06 | WWW.FERTILITYROAD.COM | APRIL - MAY 2013

Deep Insight Open Heart Easy Access Kind Approach Individual Care Increasing the Hope PR for DE cycles above 70 % No waiting times for any treatment Extensive database of young proven donors IVF CUBE Clinic for Assisted Reproduction is an established centre dedicated to the issue of infertility treatment, which is situated in Prague; the capital of the Czech Republic. We provide comprehensive care in the realm of diagnosis and treatment of fertility disorders using all state-of-art methods, along with the latest scientific knowledge. Clinic for Assisted Reproduction Evropska 178 | CZ-16000 Prague | Czech Republic Czech fixed line +420 220 303 870 | UK fixed line +44 (0) 870 875 5743 | Fax +420 220 303 899 | Skype ivfcube |

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