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Fertility Road Issue 14

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F E R T I L I T Y R O A D A S K T H E E X P E R T Fertility expert and best-selling author, Emma Cannon takes time out to answer our readers fertility related concerns. Expert Witness with Emma Cannon I have been on the Pill for a few years now and heard that the Pill can affect my fertility. Is this true? The pill is very interesting as there is some perceived wisdom that is preserves women egg count. I think this is a little simplistic and if it does so it does it at a cost. The cost is by exposing young people to more STI's in their 20's which leads to an increase in conditions such as Chlamydia and PID. There is also research to suggest that the pill changes women's physiology (specifically their smell) affecting their choice in a partner. These women then marry men who are not necessarily their most fertility compatible. The pill can also lead to post pill ammenhoea which is an extended period of time after coming off the pill when there no ovulation occurs. Acupuncture is extremely good at treating this. My sex life is really suffering from the baby-making process. It's got to the stage where I feel like we are just fitting sex into a small fertile window each month and is creating tension in our marriage do you have any advice? This is so common and not a day goes past when I don't have a woman in my clinic complaining that her sex life is in tatters. I think the quality of sex couples have now is suffering because of the time constants most of them are under. I continually tell couples that sex needs to be a bigger focus in their relationship. More time needs to be spent in the ritual of sex, as research suggests that women's arousal is heightened if more time is spent in the preparation. Women need to mentally focus on sex more; try thinking about it before returning home. Instead of thinking about what to have for dinner, think about the feeling of being together with your partner. It may sound old fashioned but our autonomic nervous system is hard wired to respond to certain impulses. Feeling cared for, secure and with someone who finds you sexually attractive is scientifically proven to heighten libido and make climax more likely. The better quality the sex, the more likely you are to want more and the more likely it is that you will conceive. So make sex the focus and not baby-making. We have had 3 cycles of IVF with perfect day 5 blastocyst and still not had a positive pregnancy test yet. I feel like I might me pregnant for several days a week after embryo transfer but then it goes away. What can I do? This is so hard and my heart really goes out to you. IVF is so gruelling financially, emotionally and physically and to have done 3 cycles and still not achieved pregnancy is hard. There are several things that can be done that may include implantation. Endometrial scratching, a mild trauma to the endometrium which brings about an increase in immune activity on the endometrium. This is done prior to IVF and research shows that this can increase in pregnancy rates. Acupuncture at the time of transfer has also shown promising results, it can also be beneficial during the entire IVF process. Some clinics use aspirin and other medication to thin the blood especially where there is underlying blood clotting conditions. This is a controversial area and some doctors now believe that the immune system (elevated natural killer cells) might contribute to failed implantation. Not everyone is in agreement with this and there is need for more research. There are many different treatments being used to potentially improve implantation rates and I suggest you do some research into these and discuss them with your clinic. 46 | WWW.FERTILITYROAD.COM | APRIL - MAY 2013 ADVERTISING DOES WORK! 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