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Fertility Road Issue 14

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F E R T I L I T Y R O A D D E T O X R E T R E A T S SIMPLY HEALING » West Sussex, UK With over 12 years in successfully helping couples to conceive, Simply Healing, located in a beautiful 18th century country house and situated in the lush countryside of the South Down's offers a holistic approach with their new all inclusive Fertility Enhancement Detox Plan which is tailor-made for each of their guests to help optimise their chances of conceiving naturally and to support those undergoing fertility treatments. As well as promoting relaxation, the new programme aims to clear the body of toxins, chemicals, and negative thoughts, and to effectively restore balance and improve the overall mental and physical wellbeing of their guests. Couples will be treated in a warm and nurturing space by caring and highly experienced therapists. Simply Healing has also introduced ‘Fertility Days for Women’, a drop-in service for women at their time of ovulation to help enhance their chances of falling pregnant naturally. LEARN MORE: DETOX INTERNATIONAL » La Alpujarra, Spain With detoxification being a well known and powerful step that can help enhance fertility, Detox International's retreats are perfect for any would be parent. Whether to overcome existing fertility problems or simply to be in the best of health for conceiving, their fertility programme is a truly integrated approach, looking at the whole person, and helping couples with fertility issues. Treatments include acupuncture, reflexology, juice fasting and colon cleansing and integrates diet, supplements and yoga, creating a programme to optimise the chances of a successful pregnancy. Located in the stunning foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Spain, this week long program also features talks and mini-workshops relating to fertility an wellbeing. Detox International's aim is to give the knowledge and naturopathic means to continue to care for one's health pre and post conception, essential for putting you on your path to parenthood. LEARN MORE: 28 | WWW.FERTILITYROAD.COM | APRIL - MAY 2013

Simply Fertility Enhancement Detox What can you do to help yourself to enhance your chances of having a baby? Here at Simply Healing we are very proud of the fact that over the years we have had great success with our Fertility Enhancement Detox Plans that cover all aspects of cleansing your body from the inside and out and preparing you for conception. Natural herbal supplements, freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices, detox soups and the magical potassium broth combined with the very best body treatments help to stimulate, rebalance and rejuvenate you. Get away for five days to a positive, nurturing, supportive environment that helps you to de-stress, detox and refocus all your energy on yourself. Our Detox programmes cater for couples as well as individuals so put yourself in a positive place now. The programme consists of a Nutritional Consultation, Hypnotherapy, Link Reflexology, Abdominal Sacral Massage, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Meditation plus a One to One Health and Lifestyle consultation. For more information see our website www.simplyhealingcentre or please feel free to call us and tell us your story so that we can offer you the very best advice. Move into the slow lane; give your body the best attention that you can. we were Voted Best Detox Retreat in the UK by It’s a million miles away from the stresses and strains of everyday life... “The staff at Simply Healing worked with care and dedication and it really has provided us with a lifechanging experience. The centre has been monumental in helping us to conceive our two beautiful boys after many years of trying.” Camilla & Alex All our programmes are second to none Essential Juice Detox Plan Inch & Weight Loss Juice Detox 5 Day Plan Weight Loss 7 Day Plan Fertility Enhancement Detox Plan Weekend Juice Detox Plan Call us on: 01403 822117 Alliblaster House, Hill House Lane, Rudgwick, West Sussex, RH12 3BD

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