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Fertility Road Issue 14

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Know which ones will

Know which ones will grow. Meet Eeva – the new Early Embryo Viability Assessment Test. Clinically proven to help your IVF team select the best embryo(s). Visit to find a clinic near you. Eeva is currently approved and available for use only in the EU. MKT 2159A

F E R T I L I T Y R O A D A P R I L - M A Y 2 0 1 3 ISSUE 14 CONTENTS 12 12 37 26 48 Cover image © Chris Pizzello 12 AFRICA, AWARDS AND ADOPTION After adopting a little boy, Jackson, last year, we fi nd more out about A-lister, Charlize Theron - her life growing up, her movie career, and how her charity has helped many in the fi ght against HIV and Aids. 18 CREATING FAMILIES HAND IN HAND We catch up with Dr. Chantal Simonis at Wessex Fertility who explains why they have chosen to be one of the fi rst clinics in the world to offer the Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva) test. 20 TOO FIT TO GET FAT? Fitness expert Lucy Miller explains how you can keep fi t and how too much exercise can harm your chances when trying to conceive. 42 EGG DONATION EXPLAINED Thinking about donating your eggs? Egg donor expert Jenny Currie answers all your questions and what you need to know. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: NUTRITION - LIGHT LUNCH Nutritional Guru, Annabel Karmel cooks up some more of her delicious recipes full of fertility boosting ingredients ideal for that light lunch. DETOX FERTILITY RETREATS We have found some great locations in Europe offering detox programs aimed at improving your well being and enhancing your fertility. CREATING LIFE IN LAGOS In the fi rst of our ‘fertility clinic catch ups’, we chat with Esther Odiete from Nordica Lagos who tells us about their clinic, what they offer patients and the Nordica way to Fertility. LETTER FROM THE HEART Jenni and Dale share their journey of fi ve years of fertility treatment, the tragic loss of twins, and fi nally the birth of 2 healthy boys. APRIL - MAY 2013 | WWW.FERTILITYROAD.COM | 03

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