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Fertility Road Magazine 46 - September/October 2018

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The latest issue of Fertility Road Magzine brings you our latest Fertility Journeys update, a closer look at stress and infertility, natural approaches to endometriosis and a how your weight can affect your chances of getting pregnant plus lots, lots more.

FertilityRoad ISSUE 46 fertilityroad fertilityroadmag Contents LEGAL 08 EGG FREEZING Is it a fertility insurance policy? BODY MIND 22 STRESS & FERTILITY The infertility roller coaster can be a stressful journey. 26 One secret you need to know to shift your fertility energy HINT... It takes more than positive thoughts. FERTILITY JOURNEYS 38 IVF SPAIN Claire & David discuss their recent visit and embryo transfer. 40 REDIA IVF & MEDITERRANEAN FERTILITY INSTITUTE Meet Kirstie & Christopher who are preparing for their visit to Greece. 42 OREGON REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE Heather & Brandon are starting their their third trimester of Heather’s pregnancy. FERTILITY 360 44 THE VALUE OF SUCCESS RATES Understand success rates and help keep your surrogacy journey on track. 56 ITS ME OR THE BABY The struggle to start a family can put a strain on the best of relationships. 10 FOOD PORN Do men need to be aware of what they are eating? 14 NATURAL APPROACHES TO ENDOMETRIOSIS With endometriosis affecting 10- 15% of women can a more natural approach help? 30 THE EMOTIONAL STRAIN OF TRYING TO GET PREGNANT Why reducing stress levels can have a positive outcome for you. 34 CONCEIVE PLUS MEN ONLY 60 SUPPORTING EACH OTHER THROUGH INFERTILITY Some helpful advice for men on supporting their partner. 18 WHY WEIGHT CAN MATTER Being over or underweight can affect your chances of getting pregnant. 04 | | fertilityroadmag | follow us @fertilityroad

Contributors The people who made this issue happen… Michelle Mulliss BSc (Hons) MBAcC Michelle specialises in natural and assisted fertility and provides a unique approach of integrated medicine. Liz Bottrill Liz Bottrill is a Partner in the Family Law Team at Laytons Solicitors with over 25 years’ experience in the field. She has a particular interest and expertise in the law relating to children and fertility. Cassie Everett Cassie has practised Homeopathy for the last 11 years, first in London and now in Bristol. Bryan Woodward Bryan is co-editor of the book ‘Male Infertility: Sperm Diagnosis, Management and Delivery’ which covers all aspect of male fertility for professionals and patients. Colette Assor Colette is a fertility acupuncturist with 20 years clinical experience. A’ndrea Reiter A’ndrea is a Reiki Master and Holistic Fertility Specialist. Sarah Banks Sarah is a Fertility coach and mentor who works with fertility professionals to enhance their patient experience and success rates. Dr Jodie Peacock ND Jodie is a Naturopathic doctor in Canada who runs the online program, Enhance Fertility Bootcamp. Craig Reisser Craig is a father through donor egg surrogacy and IVF. Craig works with Oregon Reproductive Medicine, the clinic that helped him become a father, to help other intended parents building their families. Kathy Payne Kathy is a women’s health coach online and in Norwich UK, offering bespoke programmes for women and couples, as well as online classes and courses. Russell Davis Russell is a fertility coach supporting couples on their journey. FertilityRoad Publisher PJ Jarvis-Mack Managing Editor Tone Jarvis-Mack Art Editor Richard Porter Ad Sales Tone Jarvis-Mack 020 7183 9882 Accounts Manager Lynsey Jackman Distribution UK Distribution Goldkey Media Ltd 0207 491 4065 UK/US Distribution PineApple Media Ltd 01245 600368 Print Subscriptions Social Media Marketing Clinics Go Social 020 7183 9882 Licensing enquiries Legal Laytons LLP 2 More London Riverside London SE1 2AP Published by Mack Publishing Ltd 12a Fawkon Walk Hoddesdon EN11 8TJ UK 020 7183 9882 US (323) 892-8486 SUBSCRIBE Take out an annual subscription to Fertility Road. PRINTED IN THE UK For more information or to subscribe visit UK £3.95 ,US .99, CAN .99 Fertility Road is now available to read across all tablets and mobile devices | fertilityroadmag | follow us @fertilityroad | 05

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Fertility Road Magazine 46 - September/October 2018

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